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I got a blister on my smallest right toe a couple of weeks ago. It might go away on its own I thought. I was wrong. The blister fluid reabsorbed into my skin (ick) and left an extra layer of thick callused skin. Loose, callused skin. Which gave me another blister this weekend. I finally trimmed off the excess skin, since I knew I had another intact layer of skin below it.


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This weekend I’ll be walking 17 miles on Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday. This is what is known as a “back to back” among 3-Day walkers. Saturday is also fund raiser day. I’ll be at the Wal-Mart on the corner of Bells Ferry road and Towne Lake from 11am – 2pm. I think this will be the peak time to promote Breast Cancer awareness. Also, I’ll need that time to recover from my long walk earlier in the morning.

I’m hoping to be out the door walking by 6am.  But wait, you’re saying, that’s only four hours. Well, I may just walk 12 miles (3 hours roughly) and then do the rest later that evening. The walk itself will be at a pretty slow pace. It’s the cumulative miles throughout the day that are important. And not having monster blisters at the end of it.

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Sweet 17

Seventeen miles. Whenever I read a book like The Fellowship of the Ring where the characters are walking 10 to 15 miles a day, I never realized how  difficult it would actually be. 15 miles down a city street is a long way. 15 miles cross country through brambles, over roots, and up mountains is much worse.

Most people don’t walk two miles a day. Seventeen is clearly unusual unless you have no other form of transportation and live in a big city. It took me two sessions of about 2 1/2 hours each to walk the miles. The distance I can travel in a car in 17 minutes on a highway took me five hours on foot.

I feel really good about it, it’s a big accomplishment in my training plan. I now know I can handle the 20 miles a day during the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. I do hope there is plenty of food. I’m just as fond of my ‘elevensies’ and tea-time as any hobbit.

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