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Went walking after dinner tonight down a road near my house. We veered off onto a side path into the woods and spotted several very large white tailed deer and a few hungry rabbits. One of the rabbits was very small, it couldn’t have been more than two months old. It froze when it saw us then quickly scrambled under the blackberry bushes.

It was a good one hour walk. The going up and down hill cross country was a little tough, but I made it with some huffing and puffing. I am focusing this week on drinking more water and pushing myself to walk more when I have the opportunity.

I uploaded some new artwork to lulu.com and decided to write an illustrated  cancer guide for survivors and their loved ones. All my proceeds from these projects will be donated to my walk fund.


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Kennesaw Walk

I have been trying to walk more at lunch. So far I haven’t really been able to motivate myself to do that. Yesterday I did manage to go on a short walk with one of the Project Managers where I work around the office complex. It’s known as the “Kennesaw Mile”, usually one lap around the office complex area off of Chastain Boulevard.  At least some of it was uphill.

Last night after dinner I walked about two miles at Blanket’s Creek with my husband and son. The fireflies were out. I almost jumped into a tree when a bird rustled in the canopy right above my head.  It was very peaceful.

This week was more about learning the correct way to walk than building miles. Next week I need to push to do at least 7 miles at a time.  The Breast Cancer 3 Day is only a few months away now.

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Friends far away

I sent out a whole slew of e-mails about 2 weeks ago.  I was very happy to hear from some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Minako was an exchange student from Japan my family hosted back when I was in college.  Her letter about my dad brought me to tears. I’m walking mainly because if he had detected his skin cancer early and been properly diagnosed, he might still be here today.

Cancer doesn’t care if you are male or female, young or old. I am just now entering the age range for higher breast cancer risk. Every day I meet men and women who have had their lives changed by cancer. I’m hoping to raise awareness and encourage everyone to be aware and get treated early if cancer is detected.

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My shipment of free Breast Cancer Awareness documents, flyers, and bookmarks came in yesterday. There are a series of “Ask Your Doctor” sheets that discuss what to do when a loved one has breast cancer, biopsies, treatment options, etc.

Most of the information is available in English and Spanish. I will be giving them away at several fundraising drives,  and including some of them in fund raising mail outs. The Susan G Komen foundation also has many more documents that are available for a small fee. The free educational materials also include free shipping.

I ordered several different types of documents. The quantities were limited to about 100 each. They arrived together in one box. If you are interested in these or other educational materials, go to the Susan G Komen Website (komen.org)  and click on Marketplace.

These documents are a great addition for anyone interested in spreading awareness of breast health, or who would like to learn more.

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Today I walked at Blanket’s Creek and pushed my son in a jogging stroller. Talk about an upper body workout. Pushing that stroller over all those roots and up the hills took extra effort.

I’m up to about six miles. This week starts the push towards more miles. By the end of June I should be walking over 10 miles most days. I’m trying to walk in places with shade now that it’s hotter outside. I was covered with sweat and my arms were sore at the end of the walk this afternoon.

If you know of any really good places to walk in the Northwest Atlanta area, why not share them with me?

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