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I’m now at the point in training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day where I need to be doing at least five miles several days a week.

Today I did a little over that on a mountain bike trail. I prefer the trails to roads and side walks. They have more shade (usually), the scenery is better, and the path is less monotonous. The disadvantages are that I am not training on the same type of surface I will be on during the walk, less people see me, and the travel time to the trail cuts into my walking time.


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Trail: 1 Lee: 0

I was walking at Blanket’s Creek with the kids today and managed to bang up my right knee and my left hand. Bikes were coming down the trail. When I turned towards my son, he pushed into me. Next thing I know I’m on the ground in a ditch looking up at a bunch of guys in loudly patterned shirts and bike helmets. Luckily I only suffered bruises on my body and my pride.

Training for a walk with small children in tow has it’s own unique challenges to overcome. When they are small, they may not have the stamina or focus to want to keep up the training pace. Older children may become bored or complain about being there to begin with. Here are some ways to bring the kids and stay sane:

  • Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks
  • A stroller with big wheels (usually referred to as a “jogging stroller) can store supplies and the smaller child
  • If the children can ride, let them bring their tricycles or bikes
  • Plan periodic rest stops
  • Do several loops of a short trail instead of attempting a longer trail

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On Sunday I did my walking at the famous Rock City in Tennessee. The rock formations are amazing. It is hard for me to imagine just how startling they were to early visitors. It is like walking through a cave that is mostly open air, or exploring a very large sculpture.

There are over 400 varieties of plants there too. May is a great time for nature lovers to enjoy the flowers in bloom.  There are also a number of different types of trees. All are native to the area.

Luckily the fog that was clinging to Lookout Mountain wore off Sunday afternoon. I was able to see what I hope were at least 5 of the 7 states from the mountain. I saw Tennessee of course, and Georgia. I’m not so sure about Alabama or North Carolina.

The walkways have low rails, even at the great heights above rocks. If you bring small children keep a very careful eye out.  There is also a new “VIP” trail. Visitors who don’t want to squeeze through the twisting rock trails can use the VIP trail to quickly get to the most popular areas of Rock City.

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Ow my calves

I walked Wednesday, my calves were sore, and I didn’t worry too much about it. I did my cross training yesterday, and my calves were still sore. They hurt today too. I definitely need to stretch more. Right now I’m averaging 4-6 miles 4 days a week. That’s pretty good for week 24. I am having trouble motivating myself. I tell myself I made a commitment and I need to walk, otherwise I won’t be ready in October. I think of all the women I know and have met who have been affected by breast cancer. Then I get off my butt and go walk.

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Slow but Steady

First, thanks to everyone who has donated to my walk fund so far. This week starts the official 24th week of training. I went on short walks and cross trained earlier this week. Today I will go on a short 1 hour walk in the morning and a longer walk in the afternoon. I am hoping to walk a total of 5 miles today. I started a couple of weeks ago, and that has really helped. My husband and kids often join me for the weekend and afternoon walks.

I have a list of other walkers from my Breast Cancer 3 Day coach. I need to contact other walkers and find someone to train with in my area. It is much easier to stay motivated with a partner.

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