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Back Alley Fundraising

I have over 200 pink ribbon pins to make for the fundraiser on Saturday in Woodstock, GA. I am trying to plan what to have at my booth. I don’t want to try to sell too many things at once. I was thinking cold pink lemonade, maybe homemade brownies, and the ribbons.

I’ve raised a little bit of money offering snacks at work…selling home baked goods probably works better if the supplies can be bought/donated cheaply.

I will be at the Woodstock Farmers Market (Main Street) during the Back Alley Bash. I am hoping to meet a lot of people and maybe even gain a couple of team members. Also, avoidance of sunburn is high on my list.


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6 miles and new shoes

My mom and I walked 6 miles yesterday at Blanket’s Creek. We were both surprised how good we felt afterwards. I wasn’t huffing or puffing going up the hills, which is very good. We stopped every 15 minutes to stretch and drink water. It worked too. My calves aren’t sore today.

I also went shoe shopping yesterday. Kohl’s had a nice pair of New Balance walking shoes with special gel padding in the front part of the shoe. They are leather, I would have preferred mesh, but I think my feet will still be able to breathe. I’m going to start breaking them in tomorrow, alternating the two pairs (yeah, I bought 2 pairs) to make sure they both are broken in.

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Dragons for the cure

I finished a drawing last night for a friend of mine. She is my first donation for a drawing. I drew this dragon for her. It was inspired from a trip I took to Fernbank museum in Atlanta last weekend. They have all sorts of cool snakes and lizards on display right now. Live snakes and lizards from all over the world. Cobra Dragon all rights reserved

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I signed up on project wonderful yesterday to help stir up donations for the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk. I created a skyscraper add. We’ll see how it goes. I’m really excited to have my ad on the Dreamland Chronicles, a beautiful 3-d web comic with engaging characters. Why am I advertising on web comics? Well, web comic readers are generous people who care about important causes. And they like drawings. Seems like a good match to me.

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I just got an email from Jennie Breeden of TheDevil’sPanties. She is going to host my lulu.com donation site ad. I am really greatful for her support. If you haven’t read it before, The Devil’s Panties is a funny and slightly twisted “slice of life” comic, a semi-autobiographical daily look at Jennie’s life. Go read it!

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Training: Day 3

Today was the third day of my training walks. I walked over three miles up and down and around the streets. I wasn’t super tired but my legs started to get sore. My calves are going to hurt tomorrow. I’m in ok shape but I don’t walk around a lot. I usually work out at a gym. Walking up and down streets is a different experience all together.

I went to a shoe store near my house earlier today hoping to go ahead and buy two pairs of walking shoes and break them in. They didn’t have the shoes I did like in my size, or else they only had one pair. The most comfortable pair was Nike Discovery, but they were uggggly. And I’m not sure how well my foot would breathe in them.

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Walking for the cure

I finished my first training walk today. My husband and kids walked with me up Main Street, down Dodd, and then over to Arnold Mill. It was a little over two miles. I still had some energy left when I was done, but there is no way I could have walked 20 miles today.

Why am I doing this? No, I’m not a breast cancer survivor, but my father died of complications due to skin cancer last year. I’m walking not just in memory of him. I’m walking to raise awareness for breast cancer and to challenge myself.

The illustrations and drawings I post at lulu.com are for everyone. I will also create drawings on request for donations to my fund-raising site www.the3day.org/atlanta07/leesjordan/

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